Brightingsea WINTERFEST

The Winterfest in Brightlingsea is an art & music festival for all to chase away the Winter blues. We local artists are very much part of it.

International & local

Exhibitions 2019: 

DAS - Dedham art Society - June 2019

CAS - Summer Exhibition June/July

Brightlngsea Regatta Art Trail - 20-21 July

Naze Tower Autumn show from 6th Sept

Sentinel Wivenhoe - October -Out of the Blue

Christine Storey Gallery Brightlngsea - several open exhibits

Recent Clients

Several schools - stage sets including pupils My big fat Tudor Wedding, Guys & Dolls 

Lisa Brown - Bateman's Tower Café menu boards

Thors Park hospital 2019 - Murals for patients "Bringing the outside in" ongoing..

Brightlingsea Sailing Club

Boats and water - displayed in the new Estuary Lounge - 30% of all sales go to the club . They now sponsor the Brightlingsea Winterfest by hosting our art workshops.

Find out more

Paleoart for kids

Among my favoutite projects in Germay was to bring a museum to life for kids.  Urzeithof Fehrenboetel. The original work is on permanent loan at the Museum. All "Dinos" are available as Prints and art cards directly from me.

Christine Storey Gallery Brightlingsea

A friendly local gallery opened in 2018 by Christine Storey.  The Gallery supports local artists and has monthly themed exhibitions, as well as ongoing work for sale.  See downloads for details.

About my inspiration


How I work

I work from my gut, sporadically, when I am moved, distressed or stimulated by something and feel the need to engage and make a visual statement.  This means I love to share the progress of a work from its origins to the moment I (or someone cleverer than me) decides it's finished.  For me a work is a living thing so I often have to be stopped or I would paint it forever on the same canvas.


Summer House at the end of the garden

In Germany I had the luxury of a huge creative space, House, garden, "Les Ateliers" in Luebeck and in the studios of artist friends. In the UK I have realised space isn't everything.  My creative space in Point Clear is a caravan, my space in our tiny house in Brightlingsea is the garden shed!


Inspired by nature, the sea and the spirit

I am starting to upload works in progress so we can follow the evolution of an idea together.  Feel free to join me in this quest, I am always open to feed back.