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About my inspiration


How I work

I work from my gut, sporadically, when I am moved, distressed or stimulated by something and feel the need to engage and make a visual statement.  This means I love to share the progress of a work from its origins to the moment I (or someone cleverer than me) decides it's finished.  For me a work is a living thing so I often have to be stopped or I would paint it forever on the same canvas.

paleoart in the studio

My Brightlingsea Studio

A creative studio space in Brightlingsea. Created from the garage I have room and head-space for all my work and for guests - including my 4 boys which is amazing!.


Inspired by nature, the sea and the spirit

I try to  to upload works in progress so we can follow the evolution of an idea together.  Feel free to join me in this quest, I am always open to feed back.

Why I create

My background

Travelling Sketchbook Essex Summer of Art - stone fish aquarelle drawing

Nature speaks to me, it has been in my soul forever. a

Although I have always been pictorial in my thinking despite my science & business background, I have now the perfect balance - art and a coaching  & translation business with my husband Armin Lange

Julies business life

My experience


The freedom of expressing yourself through art is something that has made me and my family a unit and is core to our family ethos.

Studied art at the Musik und Kunstschule Luebeck and at the knee of several who believed in me. My art and mural work comes from the university of life - I love the challenge as an artist and illustrator ideas of bringing my clients visions to life

My Vision

where have all the flowers gone? mixed-media painting 100x100cm

To be, and let be, to love and be loved, to find peace and harmony in my work and to work with as many wonderful people as I can. 

Spirituality, mindfulness and kindness to our fellow man and to the Earth  are the only things that matter in my work as an artist and illustrator. Community art and mural projects that inspire others are my lifeblood.