"Heads a Plenty" Christine Storey Gallery Brightlingsea 26 Oct-16 Nov

Julie Taylor-Lange
Artist & Illustrator

Creative work embracing nature

Fine Art & Illustration

Projects welcome

Why I create

My background

Nature speaks to me, it has been in my soul forever. I came to expression through depiction but until now have never felt the urge to share - although I have always been pictorial in my thinking, I was taught that "such things are frivolous". Sometimes I think that I wasted so much time pursuing a scientific, business IT and latterly Communications career. It did not make me happy but I was very good at it.  Experimental time. Time that taught me to be in tune with myself, human nature and the earth and the critical importance of that for us all.  My vision is to save all free spirits from being quashed by society, by judgement, and by doing "the right thing", and to have the courage to just "BE".

My experience

Had our wonderful 4 boys late in life much to my delight. The fabulous freedom of expressing yourself, is something that has made me and my family a unit and is core to our family ethos.

I did Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level, dreaming of being a Dr. I begged the headmistress at the time to allow me to attend the art classes, which she granted, but was treated as an outsider, not good enough, not part of her club.  As friends will testify, I produced cartoons for university magazines and personalised cards.  Art died for me for several years and emerged again after a major burn-out 2004.  Thanks to art-therapy and wonderful friends in Germany I found my true calling again.  My father was a talented artist and engineer. He is my inspiration as against the odds and potty homes, he managed to produce amazing work.  It is with his wind in my sails that I fell free to express myself and not be put down by anything. Art is for every one, it should be accessible, it should be enjoyed by creator and observer, and the joy of creating is the greatest gift of all!

My Vision

To be, and let be, to love and be loved, to find peace and harmony in my work and to work with as many wonderful people as I can. 

Spirituality, mindfulness and kindness to our fellow man and to the Earth  are the only things that matter.

My work is an expression of how I feel about a given subject at a given time, it is highly emotional.  For some works I am making limited edition prints available, for some not.  The reason is there are some works that need to be understood before they can be transferred.